No drone zones

No drone zones

There are several areas in Finland that are forbidden from aviation. These areas include nuclear powerplants, oil refineries and areas used by the goverment.

 Many drone pilots think that the automatic systems inside their drones will prevent them from flying too close to airports. This is not correct as the systems do not match national regulations and in some cases the limitations have been placed in wrong areas.

In Finland flying closer than 1 km from an airport always requires a permission from the air traffic control tower. Instructions for asking a permission from ATC tower. Flying at distance from 1 km to 3 km you can fly at height of obstacles. In close vicinity of an obstacle, you can fly 15 m above obstacel with permission of owner of the obstacle.

Airports have specifically defined control zones that are visible in aviation maps. Flying inside airports control zone while still more than 3 km away from an airport is allowed at altitudes less than 50m. 

Flying inside the ADIZ border zone that can be seen in aviation maps requires a flight plan before flying into the area. The aviation maps are in the sidebar of this page. In addition the contact information to air traffic control towers can be found from the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) section AD2.


No drone zones in Helsinki

There are several areas just in Helsinki that are forbidden from drones. There are two airports in the north and three no drone zones close to the center. The following maps show these three no drone zones close to center.


EFP35 Meilahti


EFP40 Munkkiniemi


EFP50 Kruununhaka


No drone zone near Turku

The Luonnonmaa area in Naantali close to Turku is also no drone zone.


EFP45 Luonnonmaa


Temporary restriction areas

ANS Finland publishes the aeronautical information publication and timely temporary airspace restrictions and danger areas as AIP:n Suplements and NOTAMS

Some temporary restriction areas will also be added to releases



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