Droneinfo App No Longer Supported, Website to Remain Available

4/15/20, 11:51 AM

Traficom has decided to discontinue support for the Droneinfo application as of 16 April 2020. Substantial development work would be required in order to maintain the app as a useful, up-to-date resource for drone pilots. Meanwhile, a website has become available that better serves their needs. Traficom will continue to publish unmanned aviation news and information on the website.

In 2017, Traficom released the Droneinfo application to inform drone pilots of airspace restrictions and rules on the use of drones. Users could also use the app to notify other users of their own flights. At the time of its launch, the Droneinfo app was the only service of its kind in Finland, offering users information on the restricted areas around airports and aerodromes specified in Aviation Regulation OPS M1-32, and providing easy-to-use maps displaying the locations of no-drone zones and restricted areas.

The application was created to meet a legitimate need, but has now become obsolete. Part of the reason for this is that it has not included notifications of temporary airspace restrictions. Staying informed of temporary restrictions can be difficult for those unfamiliar with aeronautical information systems, and while the website has sought to mitigate this challenge, the information posted on it has not always been complete.

New official service for easy access to flight information

Droneinfo is no longer the only application pilots can use for airspace information. Another service has been given official status by the Aeronautical Information Services as a platform for notifications of temporary airspace restrictions as well as activity in restricted and risk areas. Real-time airspace information and NAV WRNG charts are available on the website. The site also allows users to submit flight notifications and view aerodromes’ restricted areas on a map. The creation of the new service and its rapid development are a boon to drone pilots.

In its role as a public authority, Traficom supports the development of new services, helping provide and generate the data they need. At the time of its development, the purpose of the Droneinfo application was to fill a gap where other comparable services were unavailable.

Traficom will continue to maintain the website and supply up-to-date guidance regarding the safe use of drones, including information on the current rules governing drone flights and the European drone regulations applicable from 1 July 2020.


Traficom has sent all registered unmanned aircraft operators a notification regarding the discontinuation of support for the Droneinfo application.