Unmanned aviation

Unmanned aviation

An unmanned aircraft is an aircraft which is meant to be flown without a pilot on board. Unmanned aircraft are often equipped for certain functions, such as photographing or various measuring tasks. Remotely-piloted aircraft are a subcategory of unmanned aircraft. They are piloted by a remote pilot, or have the ability to allow intervention by a remote pilot at any stage of flight.

Model aircraft are unmanned aircraft that are used for recreational or sports purposes. Model aircraft can be either remotely piloted or autonomous.

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Aerial work with unmanned aircraft


Regulatory framework for unmanned aviation:

Relevant aviation regulation:

Other applicable regulations:

  • Protection of privacy, inviolability of domicile, data protection…
  • General order and security
  • Management of commercial rights
  • Noise, protection of the nature and other environmental issues
  • Establishing priorities in circumstances where
    • Other activity is prevented because of RPAS activity
    • Other activity prevents RPAS activity
    • Simultaneous operations (including RPAS/RPAS) may cause danger

Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and model aircrafts are radio equipment and therefore subject to the same requirements as other radio equipment. European regulations provide that they must bear a declaration of conformity and a CE marking. The regulations on wireless devices and their use vary from country to country and it is possible that devices sold in foreign online stores generate interference in Finland, for instance. Devices should not interfere with other radio equipment when their frequencies and radiated power are correct.

Further information on frequencies and transmit power is available on the Traficom's website.


Notification on the use of remotely piloted aircraft

This notification must be made before using the remotely piloted aircraft for the first time and the operator must keep the information up to date


RPAS Operations Manual

RPAS Operations Manual
(Trafi’s template manual)


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