Where can I fly?

Where can I fly?

In Finland there are several zones that are forbidden from aviation. These include for example areas around nuclear power plants, oil refineries and areas that are important for the government. More information about prohibited areas can be found here.

When your distance from an airport is less than 1 km, you will need to ask a permission to fly from air traffic control. Contact information to air traffic control units can be found in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) section AD2. If you fly at distances from 1 km to 3 km you can fly at height of obstacles. When flying in close vicinity of an obstacle, you may fly 15 m above the obstacle with permission of owner of the obstacle.

Many drone pilots think that the airport geo-limitations built into their drones will automatically prevent them from flying inside prohibited zones, but the reality is that these geo-limitations do not correspond to the local laws or necessarily even include all prohibited zones.

Airports have specifically defined air traffic control zones that are drawn into aviation maps. Flying a drone inside these areas is allowed at altitudes of less than 50m when distance to airort runways is greater than 3 km. If you wish to fly higher inside these areas, you will need permission from air traffic control.

Before flying in the ADIZ border area seen in the aviation map, you should send a notification to the air traffic control. There are aviation maps in AIP sections ENR6 and AD2 for all airports and prohibited zones. Checking NOTAM publications is important before flying since temporary warnings can only be found from there.





Page updated 01/12/2017