Abbreviations and definitions

On this page you can find common abbreviations and definitions used in Unmanned Aviation.

AECAirspace Encounter Category
AEHAirborne Electronic Hardware
AGLAbove Ground Level
AIPAeronautical Information Publication
AISAeronautical Information Services
AMCAirspace Management Cell
AMCAcceptable Means of Compliance
ANSPAir Navigation Service Provider
AOAirspace Observer
ARCAir Risk Class
ATCAir Traffic Control
ATSAir Traffic Services
BVLOSBeyond Visual Line Of Sight
C2Command and Control
C3Command, Control and Communication
CAACivil Aviation Authority
CGCenter Of Gravity
CISCommon Information Servise
Con OpsConcept of Operations
CTRControl Zone
DAADetect And Avoid
D-areaDanger Area
EASAEuropean Union Aviation Safety Agency
ERPEmergency Response Plan
ESCElectronic Speed Controller
EUEuropean Union
E-VLOSExtended Visual Line Of Sight
FASPFinnish Aviation Safety Program
FHSSFrequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum
FIZFlight Information Zone
GMGuidance Material
GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
GPSGlobal Position System
GRCGround Risk Class
HMIHuman Machine Interface
IMUInertial Measurement Unit
ISMIndustrial, Scientific and Medical
JARUSJoint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems
MCCMulti-Crew Cooperation
METARAviation Routine Weather Report in (Aeronautical) Meteorological Code
MTOMMaximum Take Off Mass
NAANational Aviation Authority
NOTAMNotice to Airmen
OMOperations Manual
OSOOperational Safety Objective
P-areaProhibited Area
PDRAPredefined Risk Assessment
R-areaRestriction Area
RBORisk-Based Oversight
RCPRequired Communication Performance
RFRadio Frequency
RLPRequired C2 Link Performance
RP Remote Pilot
RPASRemotely Piloted Aircraft System
RPSRemote Pilot Station
SAILSpecific Assurance and Integrity Level
SMMSafety Management Manual
SORASpecific Operations Risk Assessment
SPECIAviation Selected Special Weather Code in (Aeronautical) Meteorological Code
STSStandard Scenario
TAFTerminal Area Forecast
TCASTraffic Collision Avoidance System
TMATerminal Control Area
TMPRTactical Mitigation Performance Requirement
UAUnmanned Aircraft 
UASUnmanned Aircraft System
USSPU-Space Service Provider
VLLVery Low Level
VLOSVisual Line Of Sight
VOVisual Observer