In May, the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom will be opening its new electronic drone services, which allow users to register as drone operators, sign up for the online theoreti...
As the weather gets warmer, thousands of drones will take to the skies around Finland. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom reminds everyone that safe flying requires following ...
In the future, individuals can register for the A1/A3 online theoretical examination free of charge only when registering as an operator.
As of the start of 2024, new drones placed on the market must be equipped with a marking of the C classification so that they can be used in the open category.

Model aircraft club pilots

Are you a member of a model aircraft club? See this page for guidance on flying your drone in the context of club activities.

Professionals using drones

See this page for the instructions and rules governing the professional use of drones, including photography and videography.

Event organisers

Are you organising an event that requires restrictions on flying drones? Find out how to apply for flight restrictions on this page.

All drone pilots are different, which is precisely why we need common rules

The regulation to harmonise drone operation throughout the EU entered into force on 31 December 2020. According to the regulation, those using drones with a mass exceeding 250 g or drones equipped with a camera must register as a drone operator, familiarise themselves with drone operation and in most cases pass an examination. Operating in the ‘open’ category does not, however, require a separate operational authorisation.

How to apply for an operational authorisation for the specific category

When planning a drone operation, you should always consider whether the operation could be adapted so that you could operate in accordance with the rules set for the ‘open’ category. If this is not possible, the operation is subject to authorisation regardless of whether the operation falls under hobby, private or commercial activities.