Drone pilots

Are you a recreational drone pilot? This page lists all the instructions and rules that apply to you.

Drone club members

Are you a member of a model aircraft club? See this page for guidance on flying your drone in the context of club activities.

Professionals using drones

See this page for the instructions and rules governing the professional use of drones, including photography and videography.

Event organisers

Are you organising an event that requires restrictions on flying drones? Find out how to apply for flight restrictions on this page.

Check out the common EU drone rules

The new EU drone regulation entered into force on 31 December 2020. Read here what the new regulation will bring.
The national transitional period for drone operations will end at the end of this year. From the beginning of next year, all companies performing aerial work with unmanned aircraft must fully compl...
Traficom has finalised the examination system for supervised additional theoretical knowledge examinations in subcategory A2 in the ‘open’ category. Contracts have been signed with the first servic...
At this time, it is not yet possible to complete a supervised A2 additional theoretical knowledge examination in the open category in Finland. However, flights in the open category A2 without a com...
A serious incident occurred near Helsinki Airport on 13 May 2021, when a drone flew close to an aircraft wing when the aircraft was taking off. The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Trafi...