This page contains frequently asked questions related to registration, training requirements and the online examination.

What is the minimum information that needs to be entered into the Remote ID system (direct remote identification)?

The drone's remote ID system sends real-time information about the drone and the pilot. To get the system started, the operator's registration number (PIN code) and PIN code must be entered into the system. These can be found in the confirmation email you received when you registered (e.g., FIN123456789012x-xxx). You may also need to enter the drone's serial number.

I have already made a notification on the use of remotely piloted aircraft system to Traficom earlier. Do I still have to register to the new register as a drone operator?

Yes you do. The requirement for registration is also for those who have earlier made a notification, there is no national exception for registration. According to the EU regulation, you have to register when you fly a drone with weight more than 250 grams, or a drone with a camera or some other sensor capable of recording personal data.

When I try to register with my company name, the system tells that the information provided is incorrect

The company name used for registration has to be exactly identical with the information given in the Business Information System (YTJ).

I fly a drone with a weight less than 250 grams. Do I need to pass the online examination?

The requirement for passing the examination is for those pilots who fly a drone with a take-off mass of 250 g or more. However, we recommend taking the examination in connection with the registration anyway. That way the examination doesn't cost extra money.

I have registered as a drone operator, but I did not pass the examination. How can I get to try it again?

By opening the page via the link provided in the original message. After you have passed the examination, the link is no longer active.

I have registered as a drone operator (private person) and notified that I fly by myself (enrolled for the remote pilot examination), but I haven't received a link in the email to sign up for the exam.

The notified remote pilot will receive two emails with a same topic "Event in Drone-register" when you register. With some email providers, these messages will go under a same thread. You can try to search for a right message from you email, for example with words "Invitation to online-test".

Do I obtain a proof of competency after completing the examination?

Yes. The proof of competency will be sent to the email address you provided during registration.

The automatic reply says, that if the online test is not acceptably completed on time, the given information will be removed after the expiry date. What does this mean? Will this cancel my operator registration?

You don't need to complete the online examination if fly a drone with a mass less than 250. This automatic reply message means that if you choose not to do or do not pass the examination, the information you have provided for the remote pilot online test enrolment will be removed automatically from the system. Your registration will still be valid and the information given for registration will not be removed. 

How much does it cost to register and to take the examination? What is the basis for the payments?

Payment for an electrical registration as a drone operator is 30 euros (1 year), 75 euros (3 years) or 100 euros (5 years). 

The electrical registration/enrollment for the online theoretical examination costs 30 euros. Private persons can enroll for the online theoretical examination free of charge when registering as a drone operators.

The fees are based on the Government decree 1452/2019 (and changes 472/2020). The correlation between fees and costs are reviewed every year.