Registration and theoretical examination

On this page you can register as a drone operator and take the examination required in most cases for flying.

The new drone regulation harmonises the rules on drones throughoout the EU. For the Finnish drone users, the regulation introduces an obligation to register as a drone operator in the new national register. In the past, the obligation to notify on the use of remotely piloted aircraft has only applied to the professional users of drones. The registration is required according to the new rules, if you are flying a drone weighing 250 g or more or a drone with a camera. When you are flying a drone weighing less than 250 g and has no camera, or a drone that is defined as a toy, there is no requirement to register as a drone operator.

If you live in another EU member state or outside EU: For more information, please visit the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) website (External link).

The operator registration number (in the form FIN123456789012x) received during registration must be attached to the side of the drone being used. Possible certificate of remote pilot competency must also be carried along at all times when flying a drone (electronic or paper version). Please note that the remote pilot identification number shown on the certificate and the operator registration number are not the same.

Registration costs 30€ for 1 year, 75€ for 3 years or 100€ for 5 years.

All drone pilots will have to familiarize themselves with the rules on flying a drone, and in most cases, pass an examination. For common drone hobbyists, passing the online theoretical examination is usually enough. 

Familiarize yourself with the self-study material .

Good to know about registration and examination