New drone operator register implementation postponed - Operators are temporarily exempted from the registration requirement

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom has decided to postpone the implementation of the new drone operator register in Finland until the end of January 2021. This is done in order to ensure the functioning and security of the register in accordance with the EU Regulation on drones.

New European drone regulations require all drone operators, both recreational users and professionals, to register, familiarise themselves with the principles of drone operations and, in most cases, take a theoretical knowledge exam. In Finland, the drone operator register and exam will be implemented by the end of January 2021. Until then, the existing registration procedures remain applicable.

"We want to ensure that the registration system functions well and is secure. In the interest of clarity for all drone operators, we have decided to postpone the implementation of the new rules, including both the register and the exam", said UAS Team Leader Patrik Söderström from Traficom's Transport System Services.

Operators can prepare themselves for the new rules and upcoming theory exam with the training material already available on Traficom´s website (currently available in Finnish, with English and Swedish versions upcoming). The new Regulation brings changes to existing practices in drone operations, including permitted flying areas and altitude limitations, but the basic principles of safe flying will remain the same. Drone operators shall take into account airspace restrictions for UAS operations and height limitation of 120m according to open category requirements.

Further information and enquiries

Patrik Söderström, Team Leader, Transport System Services, Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom Tel. +358 29 534 6120, rpas(at)