Airspace restrictions – are you aware of the rules?

You must familiarise yourself with the airspace at your disposal while planning your flight. Several restrictions apply to the use of airspace possibly preventing you from flying as you please.

These areas include the R (restricted) area, the P (prohibited) area where aviation is prohibited, areas where aerial photography is restricted specified in the Territorial Surveillance Act, and the prohibiting and limiting UAS geographical zones. R areas have been established to protect the operations of the defence forces, whereas P areas have been established to protect important government or industrial areas. The operations of the defence forces are protected by implementing aerial photography restriction zones. UAS geographical zones restricting unmanned aviation have been established around airfields and heliports. UAS geographical zones can also be established for the protection of other areas, such as ports, prisons and other special locations. As a remote pilot, you must know these areas and take them into account as you plan your flight.